I composed some songs for the pleasure to offer ...
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to escape all musical listening

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En mélodie


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Don't be afraid  :   these are songs with
incomprehensible  meltinglishes words

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 Three songs for children ...

    F5 to escape all musical listening

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In France, in the 80s, I composed (except an adaptation of " Vent frais "), interpreted (singings and instruments), recorded at home, all the music which I propose you above, with the cooperation of my two children who delightfully participated in the elaboration and in the recording of four of these songs.
Most of these songs were recorded overdubbed on 1 track with a Teac 3300 SX 2-track tape recorder and are therefore in mono. The others, in stereo, were done with a 6-track K7 Vestax MR 66.




I'm always delighted being able to place, by this or there, a bit of harmonica ...



Album : Olli - Val de Marne

Live at New Moon (Paris)
with "Olli"






 Contact : rolharmo@orange.fr
Any use or reproduction of my songs is formally authorized, so made in a non profit-making purpose. Otherwise prayer to contact me via my e_mail.